StarMar, Inc.


The List of Businesses & Organizations
Who Have Benefitted From  
StarMar Gameshow Sessions 
Aramark, Inc.
  Atlanta Motor Speedway
    The Becky Loar Group - (Atlanta Real Estate - National Trade Show)
      Blade Sportswear
        Farmer's Furniture
          Georgia Department of Labor
            Georgia Home Furniture Association
              Hill Phoenix
                Holiday Inn
                  Jeff Smith Dodge - (Weeknight Cable TV Game Show)
                    Johns Manville
                      Macon-Bibb County Health Department
                        Macon Mall
                          Mercer University
                            New Southern Bank
                              Piedmont Orthopaedic Complex
                                Ramada Inn
                                  Rich's- Macy's Department Stores
                                    Southern Electricom - (WalMart Corp. Trade Show)
                                     Swainsboro Technical College
                                       United Methodist Association
                                         U.S. Postal Service
                                           Vista Care Hospice

 Plus performances for churches, civic organizations, and other similar community groups

What Did They Think Of StarMar Game Shows? 

"We (Rich's [now Macy's] management) were recently talking about how to energize and get people motivated while working in the same job with the same type of training year after year after year. How do we get them involved and excited about (teaching) them new material? (With) the whole StarMar game show format...the music, the bells, the whistles..we saw people really being energetic! We also got to see them work as a group and…interact and compete against each other. It was just fantastic! I highly, highly recommend for us to keep doing things like this!"

Beth Nolan
Cosmetics Dept Mgr
Rich's (now Macy's) Dept Store

Janet Walker
Aramark, Inc
Food Services @ Mercer University

"StarMar came to us with this game show concept. (Meanwhile) we had a training idea, but we wanted to have some fun with it. We had about 35 or 40 people (employees) in the room and (StarMar) did some games. As a result, our customer service improved, they had fun, and they talked about it afterward. They (StarMar) really did a wonderful job! They're really excited and we worked very closely with them on the questions and the other things (training activities) we did. It's a good thing and it works!"

"This is incredible! We had our opening session for the United Methodist Association for Health and Welfare (national convention in Nashville,TN). (From)all across the nation people came together and we had fun, we enjoyed it; they asked questions (about U.M.A.) it was helpful, it was knowledgable, but most of all, it allowed us to have good fellowship with all the membership.         
Go StarMar!!!"

(Note:  A survey of attendees taken during the weekend convention scored the StarMar game show presentation with a 4.6 on a 5 point system! That made it one of the most successful, highest-scoring events of the entire convention!)

Dr. Laudis H. "Rick" Lanford  D.Min
VP Development
Methodist Home for Children and Youth
StarMar can take your company's training session, seminar, or corporate meetings and turn them into exciting, fun-filled, memorable events!! You see how well it worked for these groups!  

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