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StarMar Feud

Is It A Deal? Mega Match Are You Smarter Than A School Kid? Race The Clock

Call Gerry Marshall at 478-335-8399 or Laura Starling at 478-335-1037 and book your live "Mega Match" stage show today!

Mary said,"While Playing StarMar's Mega Match Game, she wanted to __________ her husband!"

You and your teammates could fill in that blank in dozens of ways, but to win this hilarious game, all you have to do is match what somebody else would say! That's all there is to it! StarMar's "Mega Match" game is one of those that's easy for anyone to play. No difficult questions, no stunts to act out and no gambles to make. Just simply fill in the blank to one of our rib-tickling "Mega Match" questions for a chance to score points. Meanwhile, the resulting answers are sure to have the audience, as well as contestants, in stitches for this laugh-a-minute fun-fest! StarMar's "Mega Match" game is played with teams that can be rotated out in rounds to give more people a chance to play. Plus, not only will contestants try to match the answers of their teammates, but they'll have a chance to score points even more points by matching audience survey responses as well. The game is fully produced with full animation, contestant podiums, flashing lights, music, sound effects and all of the other props needed to give it that "TV Game Show" look! So why not make your next event a major success by making a "Mega Match" between you and StarMar today!


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