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StarMar Feud

Is It A Deal? Mega Match Are You Smarter Than A School Kid? Race The Clock

Don't "Strike Out!" "Steal" the game that will make yours one of the most incredible events ever;the one everyone will be talking about long after the final survey! Call StarMar today and let us host your next "Feud!"

Call Gerry Marshall at 478-335-8399 or Laura Starling at 478-335-1037 and book your live "Feud" stage show today!

"Survey said: CLANG!" That's the famous phrase that game show enthusiasts have cheered to for over 30 years! Two teams facing off to determine the answers to poll questions asked of 100 people. Ring in first, get control of the board, rack up points or lose out on 3 strikes. Maybe even steal your opponent's points! The feud has become one of the staples of the game show genre and is the most popular game StarMar offers. We'll provide the questions, face-off podium, and stage set complete with team podiums, the famous flip-over answer board and team signs with flashing lights. Plus all of the music and sound effects that have made the game one of the most beloved in TV history! The "StarMar Feud" has become our most requested game because it allows vast numbers of people to play with rotating teams, the questions are mostly from opinion polls (so everyone has fun without feeling brainless) and the audience gets into the game as much as do the contestants on stage! The "Feud" is perfect for social gatherings and makes a perfect ice-breaker game. And for corporate training or seminars, StarMar can replace the poll questions with information dealing with your company. That makes it a fun and memorable learning tool for your employees!  



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