StarMar, Inc. is a service that can recreate some of the most popular tv game shows of all time.  Because our set-up is portable, we can bring the games to you. Whether it's in a small church social hall or in a grand ballroom at a national convention, StarMar, Inc. has everything needed to stage a tv-style game show. Also, our games are very flexible in that we can stage one large game or break it down into smaller ones. All you need to provide are contestants and prizes (which aren't really necessary, but a nice touch to have if you want them).

StarMar can work with any size group. Whether you have a small gathering, a large assembly or a huge convention, we can tailor our formats to allow as many people as possible to play. There are various ways contestants can be chosen including random drawing, number/ticket matching, etc.  Or players/teams can be selected in advance by your organization leader or business manager. For many games which usually call for individual players, we have formats that allow contestants to play in teams.  In addition, we have some audience participation fun in addition to the games themselves.  Sometimes the audience actually ends up as part of a game! Our goal is to allow as many players as possible to get involved, but for ALL to have a great time!

The "heart" of our equipment features a "state-of-the-art" electronic, computerized gaming system. This includes contestant podiums with lighted ring-in buttons and large numeral electric scoreboards. In addition, our stock of supplies includes a "feud-style" face-off podium.  Our master game board is computerized and projected on a giant screen. This allows exciting authentic animation and sound effects, while giving the entire audience a clear view of the board during play. We also have a large, lighted wheel for "Wheel of Fortune" and a host of other games. Plus, we provide our own sound system, including speakers and microphones for hosts and contestants. To set it all off, we come with a full array of authentic game show sounds and familiar game show music plus glitzy, sparkle backdrop staging, touched off with an array of lights.  But remember, the particular equipment and props used depends on the games that are played at that particular session.  The beauty of StarMar games is that we ARE flexible and CAN customize to better accommodate your session, whether it's a corporate training session or a church family event.

StarMar, Inc. is very capable of both recreating classic tv game shows and devising original games that you may need to meet your particular needs. Of the classic shows, we are able to stage games in the style of "jeopardy", "the feud", "millionaire", "concentration", "pyramid" and "deal" just to name a few.  Many styles can be provided such as "True-False" questions, multiple choice quizzes, puzzle solving, straight question-answer "scholastic bowl" type questions, plus relay contests and games of skill. The only limit we have is the limit of imagination! 

Using a game show format is an ideal way to make any information presentation interactive.  Because most everyone is directly involved in the process, they pay attention to the presentation. The attention factor is the key to increasing retention of the material.  Plus, a game show format is always a fun experience which will give your staff a productive morale boost.  Working your training or business information into our games is very easy. All you need to do is provide us with the information you want presented. The material is up to you. From customer service refreshers to technical data, we will work with you on the information you want to get across. Then, we do the rest. StarMar, Inc. will devise a Game Show plan that will best relay that information to your members. No matter how "dull" the material may seem to be, the Game Show format will make it fun, get everyone involved, and increase retention.  We've done this time and again and it really works!

The price of a StarMar, Inc. Game Show performance fluctuates due to a number of variables. The size of the group, the nature of the performance, advance preparation for custom games, extent of equipment needed, and request for any repeat sessions are just a few of the factors that weigh into the final price.  Because most every situation we encounter is different, we find it best to first meet with you to discuss your needs (at no charge or obligation). Once we factor in the specifics required to make your session successful, we can quote a price tailored just for you. 


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